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Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь. 1. Ann asked me: "Have you been shopping here all morning?"

1. Ann asked me: "Have you been shopping here all morning?"

2. She said to me: "I am married and I've got one daughter".

3. The woman told me: "I'm talking my niece to see the city".

4. They said to me: "How long have you been a hairdresser?"

5. He asked the man: "Could I possibly borrow your magazine?"

6. She asked him: "Do you have any friends in Moscow?"

7. Ann said to her friend: "I am meeting my cousin but the train is late".

8. I told him: "You are much more open-minded then other people".

9. Nick asked Tom: "How long have you been married?"

10. I asked Liz: "Do you mind very much if I open the window?"

11. Jane said: "I hear someone playing the guitar in the flat above".

12. She asked me: "Who cooks and cleans for you?"

13. I asked them: "Are you going to see anything interesting?"

14. They said to me: "We have just moved into a new flat".

15. Nick's father asked him: "Bring me a cup of coffee, please"

44.Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь.

1. The passenger asked: "Where's the information desk?"

2. The teacher said to his pupils: "Turn to the first page of Unit two".

3. He asked us: "Is it all right if I open the window?"

4. I said to my friend: "I am afraid I can't come out for a sea with you".

5. She told Jack: "I will not forget to send you a telegram".

6. They asked: "How much are the tickets?"

7. He wrote in his letter: "I know you are ill and I hope you shall get better".

8. The man asked me: "Do you know what time the train gets to Sochi?"

9. Mother told Pete: "Don't forget to call me when you reach the place".

10. My friend told me: "I'll help you to do your homework if you like".

11. He asked his grandson: "Have you any idea what I did with my glasses?"

12. His granny asked him: "Don't open the window".

13. The teacher asked the boy: "Why are your hands so dirty?"

14. Father said: "Look at these clouds. It is raining soon".

15. Jack said to Sam: "Are you doing anything this evening?"

16. "I haven't learnt a poem for today", said Pete.

17. She said: "I like this song from the sixties".

18. He asked me: "Where was Richard going when you met him?"

19. My grandmother said to me: "You're grown up now".

20. "What did you do at the lesson yesterday?" said his mother.

21. "Have you paid for everything?" the security guard said to him.

22. Nellie said: "I want to keep this because it reminds me of my grandfather".

23. "We have got about twenty supermarkets in our city", the manager said.

24. My mother said: "Don't brush too much oil on the meat".

25. She said to him: "I have not spoken to you for three days".

26. "I have lost my key. I'm looking for it", said Tom.

27. "Why do you think the exam will be easy?" she asked me.

28. "How long has Ann lived in Ruzaevka?" asked he.

29. "Your English is very good", he said to me. — "You make very few mistakes".

30. "He will be away till next month", his wife said to us.

45.Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь.

1. Не asked me: "When can I talk to you?"

2. Eric said to me: "Come and have a look at my new bike".

3. "I'll get the ticket to the concert. I promise!" David said.

4. Delia said: "Tom has invited me to go sailing at the weekend".

5. The man said: "Don't park your car in front of the gate".

6. The manager said: "We have received a complaint about the prices".

7. "Do you know the cause of the fire?" asked the policeman.

8. "When I get a job, I'll buy a new car", said Mike.

9. "You will get a sunstroke if you spend more time in the sun", he said.

10. She asked me: "Have you ever made a speech in front of one thousand people?"

11. "If time allows, discuss this question with me", my brother said.

12. "Will you refuse to see your best friend for a million pounds?" he asked me.

13. Paul said to us: "Someone has stolen my case".

14. The tourist said: "I don't speak French and can't order a cup of coffee".

15. My sister said: "I've got a headache".

16. She said: "I don't know where I have lost my hotel key".

17. The firefighter said: "The main cause of fires is carelessness".

18. "We will have finished building by the end of the year", they said to me.

19. My mother said to me: "Go to bed".

20. "When did you receive a telegram?" asked the boy.

21. My friend asked me: "Have you ever used electric toothbrush?"

22. "Sit down at the table and have a cup of tea", said Alice to me.

23. She said to Mike: "Have you got a lot of relatives?"

24. "I'm afraid I will be late for dinner", said Helen.

25. Julia asked us: "Are you going away in the summer?"

26. "This time next week we'll be doing our exams", said they.

27. "How much do you earn?" he asked his brother.

28. "Don't hope we'll get there in time!" said Mike.

29. Ann said to her little sister: "I've told you several times not to take my pen".

30. He told me: "They have invited to go to an archaeological dig".

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