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Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь. 1. "How long do you work every day?" said the man to Peter.

1. "How long do you work every day?" said the man to Peter.

2. Ann said: "Put the milk back in the fridge!"

3. "They will come back in time for college", said their father.

4. The guide said to the tourists: "We can't go through passport control together".

5. Bill said to the boy: "I've just realized you are telling the truth",

6. Her friend said to her: "Why do you keep complaining all the time?"

7. "I'll earn nothing as it's voluntary work", said the student.

8. She said: "I hope we get there in time to get a good seat".

9. The boy said to his father: "I am doing my home task".

10. Mother asked: "Why haven't you had breakfast yet?"

11. The manager said to us: "You will be working six hours every day".

12. "I think you are lying", she said to the boy.

13. My cousin asked me: "Will we go to the cinema on Monday?"

14. "I met your sister in the street yesterday", she said to Johnny.

15. Mother asked her children: "Where are your toys?"

16. "Please don't tell a lie", asked Susan.

17. Janet asked Helen: "How did your husband react to the news?"

18. "I feel very sorry for you", said George to Hester.

19. "Your wife has left the hospital. She's on her way home", said the doctor.

20. "Don't you want them to help you, they'll do it with pleasure", said Pete.

21. "Don't look at me like that", said the woman.

22. The pupil said: "London is not as big as Tokyo".

23. "What will you have achieved by the next year?" asked he.

24. The man said: "I'll go and get some roses to welcome her home".

25. "There is nothing to worry about", said George.

26. He said to us: "I have no idea how to help you".

27. "Let me show you how to do it", the old man said to the boy.

28. "How are you today?" asked the doctor politely.

29. "I'll have read this book by then", said my friend.

30. She shouted to them: "Get out!"

31. "What game is the boy playing?" said Nick.

32. "New York is on the same latitude as Lisbon", she said.

33. "There is not the right way to do it", Peter said. "I can show you the right way".

34. The policeman said: "This man has spent four weeks in prison".

35. "The title of today's discussion is the greenhouse effect", said the teacher. "Are you ready to discuss this problem?"

36. "I think he won't have finished studying until he is twenty-five", said Jane.

37. The woman said: "I think I'm going to give the police a ring".

38. "Do you think I am fool?" he said to me. "I don't think so".

39. "I've just received some money from my aunt", said Julia.

40. They asked him: "Where did this woman die?"

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