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Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь. 1. She said: "My grandmother hates leaving doors open".

1. She said: "My grandmother hates leaving doors open".

2. "Do you think you are always right?" she asked me.

3. "Is there something wrong with you?" my friend said to me. - "What can I do for you?"

4. "You told me to be objective and that's what I do", said Mary to her mother.

5. Frank said to Jane: "I suppose nothing will change your decision".

6. "Please, don't help him!" said woman. - "He can do it by himself".

7. "Which of you is free now?" asked the teacher.

8. "Don't criticise your friend", said Nike.

9. Rita said to me: "What has mother told you to do today?"

10. "I can look after myself", said the old man.

11. "Why did you use the phone without asking?" said John.

12. "Don't fold back the pages of my book?" Frank said to Mary.

13. Mark said to me: "You have never been so insulted!"

14. "Do you think it's strange that he wants to sleep on the floor?" Julia asked Tom.

15. "If I feel better, I will come to see you tomorrow", said Helen to me.

16. She asked me: "What are you planning for summer".

17. "Don't smoke in the compartment", asked the passenger.

18. "Why did you return home so late last night?" my mother said to me.

19. He asked Jane: "How long have you been waiting for your cousin?"

20. "I'm not paying for your lunch, Tom", said his friend. "I haven't got any money".

21. She said to Mabel: "I've never heard anyone worse. He is a bad singer".

22. "When did they leave the country?" he asked Helen.

23. Bob said: "I don't think it will happen".

24. "I won't do it until you give me some money", said the boy.

25. "What is that book in your hands?" he asked me.

26. "Please, let me go", she said.

27. "What do you think we will do on Sunday?" my son asked me.

28. Paul said to me: "If he phones, tell him that I am not at home".

29. "Do you think that the doctors are good?" asked Lucy.

30. "Listen, Ann!" said her friend. - "I've met Boris with another girl".

31. "What's the weather like? Is it still raining?" asked my aunt.

32. "Don't be late. We will be waiting for you", they said to me.

33. "Do you believe him?" said the old lady.

34. "What is this play about?" said Tom to Mary.

35. Jenny's father said to her: "Stop talking!"

36. "Have you left a message on an answer phone?" I asked him.

37. My granny said to me: "Turn off the radio immediately".

38. "Why hasn't Bruno finished the conversation?" said Ron.

39. She said to the policeman: "Can you show the right direction?"

40. "Get out of the car and don't move!" they told him.

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