In a dialogue below Monika (M) calls Liviu (L) to arrange a meeting.

M: Hello. Id like to speak to Liviu Balanescu, please.

L: Speaking.

M: Oh, good morning. My names Monika Dannemann and I sent you an email

5 last week about the construction project in Bucharest.

L: Oh, yes, of course. Nice to hear from you, Monika. Your email sounded very interesting.And Id like very much to meet you to discuss it further.

10 M: Thats great. What day would suit you? Ill be in Bucharest from the eighteenth

to the twenty-first.

L: Let me just check. What about Thursday the nineteenth?

M: That sounds fine. What time would be good for you?

L: Shall we say two pm?

15 M: Id prefer a bit later if you dont mind. Could we make it three?

L: Perfect. We can meet here in my office on Tuesday the nineteenth at three oclock.

M: And where exactly is your office?

L: Its in the center its very easy to get to. Ill send an email to confirm the

20 meeting and with a link to our website. Youll find a map and a lot of other

information on there.

M: Very good. I look forward to meeting you on the nineteenth.

L: Bye, and thanks for calling.


Notice at line 4 how Monika begins by referring to the last connect.

Notice at line 16 how Liviu confirms the details.


In the next dialogue Livius secretary (S) calls Monika (M) to change the arrangements.

S: Good morning. Is that Monika Dannemann?

M: Yes.

S: Oh, hello Monika. This is Mr. Balanescus secretary. He asked me to call you. Unfortunately Mr. Balanescu cant make the meeting with you on Tuesday the

5 nineteenth.

M: Oh, I see.

S: Yes. He apologizes he has to be out of the office all day. He suggests that you meet the following day instead.

10 M: The day after? OK, thats no problem. What time are you thinking of?

S: Any time in the afternoon whenever is convenient for you.

M: How about three oclock again?

15 S: That sounds fine. Three oclock on the twentieth. Just give your name at

reception and Ill come down to meet you. And Im sorry again about the change.

M: No problem at all. Goodbye.


Notice at line 17 how the secretary apologizes again at the end of the call.

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