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Are these statements true or false?

1. The first mechanical devices that somewhat can be called a limited function computers appeared in the 17th century.

2. The main aim of every computer is to entertain us.

3. The second generation of computers is the era of vacuum tubes.

4. The computers of the first generation were not big, cheap, quick and had unlimited application capabilities.

5. The first symbolic (assembly) programming languages appeared in the second generation.

6. The appearance of integrated circuits allowed placing miniaturized transistors on aluminium chips.

7. Microprocessor is a device that has dozens of transistors built in one chip.

8. The development of computer networks led to invention of the Internet.

9. Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like robots.

10. The fourth generation was started by a keyboard that was developed in 1971.


5. Find in the text synonyms of the following words:

To evolve, an advance, to emerge, to do, to investigate, an aim, to create, quickly, large, devising, to permit, dependable, to raise, numerous, available, circumstances, an instrument, devoted, to execute, to become larger, to prompt, a program, an area.

6. Read and translate the article. Learn the words in bold type by heart:

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