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Guryev Pudding

D.Guryev, Finance Minister under the Russian Empire, probably didn't imagine that he would go down in history as the inventor of a dessert, rather than as a wise statesman. This high-placed dignitary also created other dishes, such as rissoles and pate, as people say, but only the pudding that he dreamt up to celebrate the victory over Napoleon bears his name.

There is also a noteworthy story about one of the members of the famous Stroganoff family — Count A. Stroganoff, well-known in his day as a patron of the arts and a phi­lanthropist. During the last years of his life he held an open house in Odessa — virtually anyone could come to lunch. One of Stroganoffs Odessa cooks invented a new Russian-French dish for these meals and called it Beef Stroganoff. It consisted of finely chopped pieces of meat cooked in a sauce; the sauce was not served separately, as in France, but like Russian gravy. Now Beef Stroganoff, named in honor of the hospitable count, appears in the menus of restaurants the world over.

But let us return to Guryev Pudding. It is not very easy to make, but its original taste and your friends' praise for your culinary skills will amply reward you for your efforts.

Bring 0.7-0.8 liters of milk to the boil, add 50 grammes of sugar and 5 grammes of salt, and mix. Then sprinkle in 200 grammes of semolina, quickly and evenly stirring.

When the mixture begins to thicken, lower the heat and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Add 40 grammes of butter, 4 egg whites beaten with 80 grammes of sugar, 40-50 grammes of roughly chopped walnuts and a little vanilla to this hot mixture, stirring constantly. Mix thor­oughly and pour the mixture into small frying-pans or shallow dishes. Level the surface of the mixture in each pan, sprinkle with sugar and immediately put under a hot grill to turn the sugar to caramel and give it a golden colour. Then put the pan or dishes into a hot oven for 5-7 minutes. Decorate the top layer with boiled, canned or bottled slices of apples, pears, peaches and berries, and also finely chopped roasted walnuts and almonds. Pour some strawberry or other sweet syrup over the fruit (you can use the syrup from bottled or canned fruit or from jam).

Serve the pudding in separate dishes, decorating the surface of each one. Cold milk is also served with Guryev Pudding.


IV. Find English equivalents of Russian phrases in the text:

1. изобретатель сладкого блюда

2. мелкие кусочки обжаренного мяса с соусом

3. когда каша сделается вязкой

4. посыпьте сахарным песком и сразу прижгите грилем

5. мелко рубленные поджаренные грецкие орехи

6. подавать кашу в отдельных мисочках

7. довести молоко до кипения

8. консервированные дольки яблок, груш, персиков, ягод


V. Complete the sentences:

1. D. Guryev dreamt up the pudding to celebrate … .

2. Count Stroganoff was well-known … .

3. Beef Stroganoff consisted of … .

4. Pour the mixture into a small frying-pan and put it into … .

5. Level a surface of the mixture sprinkle with … .

6. Decorate the top layer with slices of … .

7. Serve the pudding in … .


VI. Match the words with their definitions:

1. to boil 2. to simmer 3. to chop 4. to serve 5. to decorate 6. to chop   a) to offer (food, drinks etc.) for eating or drinking; b) to cook gently in liquid at or just below boiling point; c) to scatter on or over; d) to cook in water at 100˚C degree; e) to cut into small pieces; f) to provide with something that is added because it is attractive or beautiful.

VII. Fill in the table:

fruits cereal nuts berries

Buckwheat, apple, strawberry, rice, pear, gooseberry, semolina, peach, blackberry, plum, peanuts, grapes, walnuts, almonds, pineapple, hazelnuts


VIII. Answer the questions:

1. What did one of the Stroganoff’s cooks invent?

2. Is it easy to make Guryev Pudding?

3. What ingredients are there in Guryev Pudding?

4. How can the pudding be decorated?

5. How can the pudding be served?


IX. How can Guryev Pudding be made?

Mix … .

Then sprinkle … .

Add … .

Pour … .

Then sprinkle with sugar and put … under a hot grill to turn … .

Put the pan … .

Decorate … .

Serve … .


XI. Translate the recipe from Russian into English:


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