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Упражнение 1. Укажите, какие из нижеприведенных предложений* могут быть пе-реведны дословно:

Укажите, какие из нижеприведенных предложений* могут быть пе-реведны дословно:

1. The right opportunists carried their treacherous policy, which they had long been developing in their respective countries, to its logical end — betrayal of socialism on a world scale, by supporting the war and combating the Russian Revolution.

* Здесь и в дальнейшем материал для упражнений заимствован из следующих источников: W. Foster, Outline Political History of the Americas, J. Gollan The British Political System, Daily Worker, The Worker, The Canadian Tribune, а также из английской и американской художественной литературы.

2. Roosevelt, contrary to Browder, Wallace, and other "left"
and liberal apologists for American imperialism, did not
establish a "progressive capitalism" in the United States.

3. Besides these extensive wage movements, union building
campaigns, and struggles for Negro rights, there have
been other postwar expressions of political militancy
among the toiling masses of the United States and

4. During the middle 1930's the Soviet Union, enormously
grown in strength through the brilliant success of its
Five-Year Plans, stepped into the center of world arena
and called upon the democratic peoples everywhere to
unite against the malignant threat of fascism.

5. The capitalist governments of the western democracies,
however, refused to rally to the call of the Soviet Union
for an international peace-front.

6. The persistent critic may find himself not only frowned
upon in the Parliamentary Party generally, but it is
rarely difficult for the Prime Minister, or one of his
half-dozen more important colleagues, to ask the Nation­
al Executive Committee of the party to put pressure
on him; and that pressure can vary from the semi-offi­
cial hint, perhaps in the form of a talk with or a letter
from the Party's National Agent, that he may find it
harder than he imagines to win renomination for his
present seat at the next election, through a demand for
a specific assurances of loyalty, to the critic's actual
expulsion from the Party.

7. The reactionary political character of the House of Lords
is assumed without question by most constitutional writ­
ers and authorities.

8. The outstanding reasons for the extension of the state
apparatus are the growth of militarism and the develop­
ment of the economic functions of the State on behalf of
monopoly capitalism.

9. The whole purpose of this book has been to show that
the present democracy in Britain is a capitalist democ­
racy, that, the state is a capitalist state, that the state
apparatus and the leadership of the armed forces, diplo­
matic service and police is in the hands of a small group
of people who belong to the capitalist class, and that
the prime motive of the legal system and the judicature
is the defence of the capitalist social order.

3* 51

Упражнение 2

Проанализируйте приведенные ниже переводы. Укажите причины из­менения структуры предложений:

1. But, at most, all this was only a modest industrial

Однако все это было не более как скромным нача­лом промышленного развития.

2. Thus the United States entered the war, the govern­
ment, with the help of the A. F. of L. leaders, sur­
mounting the widespread mass opposition to the war.

Так США вступили в войну, для чего правитель­ство с помощью лидеров АФТ преодолело сопротив­ление войне со стороны широких масс.

3. With millions of fresh soldiers in the field on the allied
side, Germany was soon beaten to her knees.

На стороне союзников выступили миллионы свежих солдат, и Германия была поставлена на колени.

4. World War I was the making of the United States in­
dustrially for these years; that is, until the entire situ­
ation blew up in October 1929.

В течение ряда лет первая мировая война способ­ствовала промышленному развитию США, пока, нако­нец, все это не завершилось крахом в октябре 1929 года.

5. In many big strikes of the period, these reactionary
leaders, with a policy of "Save himself, who can",
shamefully betrayed the great labor battles.

В многочисленных крупных стачках того периода эти реакционные лидеры проводили политику «спасайся, кто может», позорно предавая великую борьбу рабо­чего класса.

6. Their leaders even hired high-priced efficiency engi­
neers for the unions, to organize the general speed-up.

Стремясь добиться самого широкого распространения потогонной системы, профсоюзные лидеры даже не стеснялись приглашать за высокую плату на службу в профсоюзы инженеров, специалистов по интенсифи­кации труда.

7. When Tom awoke in the morning,he wondered where

Проснувшись поутру, Том долго не мог сообразить, где он.

8. "Yes," Brackett said. "That's good." He hesitated.

«Да, это хорошо», — Бреккет хотел сказать что-то еще и не решался.

9. As a result of this movement, the trade unions con­
tinued their wartime growth ...

В результате этого движения профсоюзы продол­жали расти и после войны ...

10. "No," he thought; "the Police may make rules, Di­vines write to the papers, Judges express themselves as they like, but human nature will find its own way as it did when I was cutting my wisdom teeth."

«Нет, — думал сэр Лоренс, — пусть полиция издает циркуляры, священники пишут в газеты, судьи произ­носят речи, — человеческая природа идет своим путем, как шла в дни, когда у меня прорезался зуб муд­рости».

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