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Упражнение 7

Переведите на русский язык, используя прием членения или объеди­нения предложения при переводе:

1. Great Britain can by no means be written off as a po­
tent factor in the affairs of the New World.

2. With a generally temperate climate, Argentina's prin­
cipal products are cattle, sheep, wheat, corn, cotton,
sugar, fruits.

3. Such figures do not include the hundreds of Negroes
who were (and continue to be) shot down in the South
in individual attacks by armed thugs.

4. The Finance Corporation for Industry set up by the
Government in 1945 was formed by a group of insur­
ance companies, trust companies and the Bank of
England to make short or medium loans to large
industrial concerns who could not get them else­

5. The House of Lords is a non-elected hereditary second
Chamber with an overwhelming permanent Tory major­
ity, composed largely of company directors and land­

6. What the Civil War proved beyond any further doubt
was the major truth about American history. That the
century-old, unceasing struggle of the Negro people for
their right to develop in full equality toward their own
independent nationhood is the key to the democratic ad­
vance of the entire country.

7. The colonial slave labor of the British-French and Dutch
empires has been "far from home" in Asia and Africa.
The semislave labor of this Negro nation of 15,000,000
persons is right here within the master country.

8. The Federation of British Industries is consulted on all
matters affecting industry generally, and while the need
for Budget secrecy usually prevents consultation on
proposals for taxation, those of a technical character
are usually submitted to the Council of the Federation.

9. Progressive left-wing people can be continually libelled,
Communists are libelled every other day, but they are un­
able to have recourse to the courts because a typical court
action would cost about £1,000.


0. One of the most dramatic and significant facts of this
tragic period was that while all the capitalist countries
were prostrated by the great crisis, the Soviet Union
remained unharmed. It went right ahead building its
industries and agriculture — and at a speed that had
never been achieved in any country of capitalism, even
in that system's best days.

1. The remnants of the once-strong syndicalist movements
in Latin America now consist mostly of old immigrant
workers from the Latin countries of Europe. And in

B* 59

the United States and Canada the once very active I. W. W. has vanished from the scene of labor struggle. 12. Mr. Tom Graham, general secretary of the Amalgamat­ed Union of Foundry Workers, was cremated yester­day at Altrincham. A hundred of his colleagues and family attended the funeral at which Mr. Julie Jacobs represented the executive committee of the Communist Party.

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