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II. Определите функцию герундия в предложении, затем переведите предложения на русский язык.

1.Swimming against the current was difficult and dangerous work. 2. The storm prevented the ship from reaching the port in time. 3. Have you the means of helping him now? 4. He didn’t like being read to. 5. She was quite disappointed at not seeing them there again. 6. Before sailing, the captain was instructed to take some coal in Odessa. 7. There was no chance of finding a vessel of the required size. 8. This prevented the letter from being sent off. 9. After receiving the charterer’s (фрахтователь) orders, he communicated them to the captain of the vessel. 10. I dislike borrowing things from people. 11. The sellers were informed of the importance of preparing the goods for shipment immediately. 12. The steamer left the port without having taken sufficient coal on board. 13. After passing the Panama Canal, the captain found that he had not enough coal left to enable him to reach the port of discharge. 14. Before signing the contract, he wanted to get the approval of the chairman. 15. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. 16. She is afraid of signing that contract. 17. We were able to discharge the boat in 24 hours by using a powerful crane. 18. They insisted on the question being re-considered. 19. The agent informed the seller of the cargo having already been insured. 20. Is it any good signing that contract? 21. Are you in the habit of reading? 22. I can’t help telling you about it. 23. There is not fear of damaging the goods if they are packed in this manner. 24. Did you find any difficulty in solving this problem? 25. After concluding the contract, the representatives of the firm left Moscow.

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