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Task 1. Error analysis. All of the following sentences are taken from student writing and contain typical errors. See how many of these errors you can find and correct.

1. I am living at 33 Grand Avenue since last September.

2. I have been in New York City two weeks ago.

3. My country have change its capital city five time.

4. Dormitory life is not quiet. Everyone shouted and make a lot of noise in the halls.

5. My friends will meet me when I will arrive at the airport.

6. Hasn’t anyone ever tell you to knock on the door before you enter someone else’s room? Didn’t your parents taught you to do that?

7. When I was a child, I viewed thing from a much lower height. Many physical objects around me appear very large. When I want to move something such as a chair I need help.

8. I will intend to go home when I will finish my education.

9. The phone rung while I doing the dishes. I dry my hands and answer it. When I am hear my husband voice, I very happy.

10. I am in the United States for the last four months. During this time I had done many things and saw many places.

11. When the old man started to walk back to his cave, the sun has already hided itself behind the mountain.

12. While I am writing my composition last night, someone knocks on the door.

13. I am interesting in his ideas.

14. How many peoples have you been invited to the party?

15. I didn’t go to dinner with them because I had already been eaten.

16. When we were children, we are very afraid of caterpillars. Whenever we saw one of these monsters, we run to our house before the caterpillars could attack us. I am still scare when I saw a caterpillar close to me.

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