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Task 2. Complete the sentences with the correct form, gerund or infinitive, of the verbs in parenthesis.

1. Margaret challenged me (race) ___ her across the pool.

2. David volunteered (bring) ___ some food to the reception.

3. The students practiced (pronounce) ___ the “th” sound in the phrase “these thirty-three dirty trees”.

4. In the fairy-tale, the wolf threatened (eat) ___ a girl named Little Red Riding Hood.

5. The horses struggled (pull) ___ the wagon out of the mud.

6. I appreciate your (take) ___ the time to help me.

7. I avoided (tell) ___ Mary the truth because I knew she would be angry.

8. Ted managed (change) ___ my mind.

9. I urged Al (return) ___ to school and (finish) ___his education.

10. I can’t afford (buy) ___ a new car.

11. I don’t recall ever (hear) ___ you mention his name.

12. Mrs. Freeman can’t help (worry) ___ about her children.

13. She keeps (promise) ___ (visit) ____ us but she never does.

14. Children I forbid you (play) ___ in the street. There’s too much traffic.

15. Julie finally admitted (be) ___ responsible for the problem.

16. I used (think) ___that life ended at 30.

17. Jane was never a very reliable friend. If I were you I would try (forget) ___ her.

18. He went on (write) ___ his essay despite the noise.

19. I couldn’t help them (find) ___ what they were looking for as I was in too much of a hurry. But harry looked so funny that I couldn’t help (laugh) ___.

20. After half an hour we stopped (make) ___ a cup of tea.

21. I remember (see) ___ him in the part of Hamlet at the Academy Theatre.

22. If your clothes don’t seem very white after you have washed them, try (soak) ___ them in a little bleach.

23. I’m not used to (think) ___ so hard this early in the morning.

24. I like (be) ___ the centre of attention.

25. Can you smell something (burn) ___ ?


Task 3. Which is correct?

1. Don’t forget to switch off the light before you go out.

a. switch b. to switch c. switching

2. I’m sorry, but I haven’t got time ______.

a. for talking b.to talk c. talking

3. Bill is always in the kitchen. He enjoys ___.

a. cook b. to cook c. cooking

4. You’re making too much noise. Can you please stop ___

a. shout b. to shout c. shouting

5. Did you use a dictionary _____ the letter?

a. to translate b. for translating c. for translate

6. I don’t mind ___ here, but I prefer to sit by the window.

a. sit b. to sit c. sitting

7. Do you want ___ you?

a. help b. to help c. helping

8. I always read the newspaper before _____ work.

a. start b. to start c. starting

9. I wasn’t feeling very well, but the medicine made me ___ better.

a. feel b. to feel c. feeling

10. Shall I phone the restaurant ___ a table?

a. for reserve b. for reserving c. to reserve

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