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Compare individual sentences and different ways of translation of the words in italics

(a) "I'm sorry", her papa said, (W. Trevor)

"Mrzl ma to ", povedal ocko. (J. Kot)

(b) "We're stretched at the barracks, sir", Sergeant Talty had said ... (W. Trevor)

"V kasárтach vládne napátie, pán kapitán," poznamenal seržant Talty... (J. Kot)

(c) "Please God, there'll be an end to it", Sergeant Talty said and went away. (W. Trevor)

"Kiežbv sa to raz už skončilo!" vzdychol seržant Talby a odišiel. (J. Kot)'

(d) "It'll quieten", her papa said. (W. Trevor)

"Situácia sa upokojн", vyhlašoval ocko. (J. Kot)

(e) "I belong nowhere else", Everard Gault said... (W. Trevor)

"Patrнm sem, a nikde inde", opakoval. (J. Kot)

(f) "Cheer up, darling", her mama said ... (W. Trevor)

"Hore hlavu, milá moja, " povbudzovala dcйru. (J. Kot)

(g) "Look", her papa said. (W. Trevor )

"Pozri!" zvolal ocko. (J. Kot)

(h) Upstairs Kitty Teresa said it world surely be all right... (W. Trevor)

Ked' Kitty Teresa upratovala hornй izby, vyhlásila, že určitй sa všetko na dobrй obrátн. (J. Kot)

(i) "Don't come near me," Ede Hosford had said again, not wanting to be touched by her when they were playing Oranges and Lemons. (W. Trevor)

"Nepribližuj sa ku mne, " znova jej šprihol Edie Hosford, ktorý nechcel, aby sa ho dotkla, keп sa hráli Zlatu bránu. (J. Kot)

(j) Give me ten," Henry said, and Mrs Bride said she had only fives and Henry said two fives then. (W. Trevor)

"Dajte mi desaќ woodbiniek," požiadal Henry pani McBridovъ. Poznamenala, že ich má v baleni po páќ. Henry si teda pýtal dve balenia. (J. Kot)

11. „Shouldn't we be back at St Peter's?" Marci said as patiently as possible. (D. Brown)

„Nemalн by sme sa vrátit' k Bazilike svátйho Petra?" spýtala sa ho čo najtrpezlivejšie. (O. Havrila)

12. "Tell me, Helen," said she, "have you ever heard anyone whistle in the dead of night?" (A.C. Doyle)

"Povedz mi, Helen, " ozvala sa, "počula si tu už niekoho pнskat' neskoro v noci? " (A. Bednár)


7.Translate the sentences. Pay attention to the word "say".Try to use different possibilities

1. "He hit your mom?" "Never," she said sharply. (R. Ludlum)

2. "Sit down, Lady Hambleton," he said sharply. (C. Templeton)

3. "Is that all?" Sophie said, some incredulity in her voice. (C. Templeton)

4. He's still working on it," she said. (R. Cook)

5. "She's dead, isn't she?" Ambler said gently. (R. Ludlum)

6. "You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?" he said at last. "Afraid not," Fenton said. (R. Ludlum)

7. "I've never been a patient in a hospital," said Robert. (R. Cook)

8. "How long will I be unable to work?" said Cassi softly. (R. Cook)

9. "Well then," she said ... "I'll be going." (C. Templeton)


(D.E.Winter, extract p. 304-305)

So we're all standing up and the priest is saying this prayer and I know this

prayer and all the people are saying it with him, they're saying:

Our father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name

And I'm easing my way over to the aisle.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven

And I'm walking to the aisle.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses

And that's when I trespass, and I need forgiveness.

As we forgive those who trespass against us

Because I just can't seem to forgive.

And lead us not into temptation

So I'm not walking away.

But deliver us from evil

I'm walking the other way, the only way that's left to me. I'm walking down the aisle, I'm walking toward the priest, I'm walking toward the altar, and everything seems to go silent but the voice in my head, the voice keep going, and I think, I really think, it's my mother's voice, and I'm almost to the altar, I'm between the groomsmen and the bridesmaid, and that's when I pull the Glock from my belt; I pull the Glock and I turn on the CK and I point the Glock at him and he's about twenty feet behind me and he raises the Magnum in his fist and points the Magnum at me and there's this strange silence, the priest has stopped talking and there's silence, just silence, just silence until I say, along with my mother, I say: Amen.



5.2 Naturalization and exotization

Talking points

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