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Briefly characterize special features of dramatic text and its translation

Tasks and exercises

1. See Section III (Texts for analysis and translation). Analyze and translate the following verses (R. Frost: The Pasture and A. Tennyson: Eagle)

2. Compare the translations of poetry and drama: E. A. Poe: The Raven/Havran, W. Shakespeare: Hamlet. Analyze/characterize the texts and their translations. Discuss the translators' conceptions

3. Translate the sentences, pay special attention to culture specific expressions/concepts

1. I tried grading the final exams that I brought from UNC - Charlotte, but couldn't concentrate. ... I'd find myself staring at the same blue book, my mind absorbing nothing the students had written. (K. Reichs)

2. In theory, it was possible to wind up being full professor while doing nothing except to be permanently absent on some kind of sabbatical grant fellowship. (D. Lodge)

3. Peter suddenly appeared with a friend carrying a six-pack. (D. Steel)

4. A very corny boy gave it to me when I was a sophomore, for my birthday. (J.D. Salinger)

5. "Hi, Kate. It's Tempe." Hey, girl, are you back in Dixie?" "No. I'm in Montreal." (K. Reichs)

6. I caught a bus to Christchurch... I got a seat at the top of front of a yellow double-decker. (B. Bryson)

7. The Old Vic and Sadler's Wells spent whole seasons there. Elgar conducted orchestra in the Winter gardens and Nellie Melba sang. (B. Bryson)

8. All those years of looking for a style of my own - not camp, not trite, not hippie or yippie or yuppie or commercial - have resolved themselves in a sort of residue of fashion that says I don't have the time to fuss too much with hair or make up. (S. Turow)

9. Sara Plankmore is also a third-year law student, and she's the only girl I've ever loved. She dumped me four months ago for an Ivy Leaguer, a local blueblood. (J. Grisham)

10. I crumpled the letter up because I realized I was in a serious danger of turning into one of the Colonel Blimp types who sat around me in considerable numbers, eating cornflakes or porridge with their blimpish wives... (B. Bryson)

11. The trouble with English towns is that they are so indistinguishable one from another. They all have a Boots and W. H. Smith and Mark & Spencer. (B. Bryson)

12. Then I had a fight with the vet over one of my pigs, and another with the driver of a snowplow on US 7 when he tried to force me off the road. (S. Bellow)

4. See Section III (the Texts for analysis and translation). Analyze and translate the following texts: The Happy man and his Lorry. That's your Trouble.

6 Problem-restricted translation studies

6.1 Translation of non-standard expressions

Talking points

1. What are the general principles of translation of non-standard (regional dialects, slang ...) expressions?

Tasks and exercises

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