Read the sentences below. Comment on the following translation of the italicized Americanisms

1. She was already plump, homely and sprouting a faint moustage.

She would never get a husband as handsome as Enzo (M. Puzo)

Rola už okrhla, domácká a vyháali jej fziky. Vedela, že si nikdy nenájde takho švárnho muža, ako je Enzo. (T. Ruppeldtová)

2. It was Jenny's closet, which 1 had avoided till that day. But somehow, foolishly, I opened it. And saw her clothing. Jenny's dresses and her blouses and her scarves. (E. Segal)

Bola to Jennina izbička, ktorej som sa až dovtedy vyhýbal. Ale akosi, z hlposti, som ju otvor il. A vide I som jej šaty. Jennine šaty, blzy a šatky. (I. Chorvátová)

3. "Hi, my name is Phil. I'm baking cookies." Incredible! The way he'd caught the lingo, you would think that cupcakes were his hobby, not his livelihood. "Hi there, Phil, I'm Jan. Your friend is cute." "And so is yours", said Phil ... (E. Segal)

"Ahoj, volám sa Phil. Som z pekárskej branže. " Neuveritelh! Hovoril tak zanietene, až by si človk pomyslel, že pečenie rožkov je jeho je jeho konček, a nie prostriedok obživy. Tvoj priatel' je rozkošný. " Aj tvoja priatelka je bezva", zareagoval Phil... (I. Chorvátová)

4. The Italians will watch this on TV, and they'll love it. And the Irish. Even the Wasps. They won't know what they're looking at. (T. Wolfe)

V televizii to uvidia Taliani, vel'mi sa im to bude páčit'. A Iri. A aj bieli protestanti anglosaskho pvodu. Nebudu ma ani potuchy, na čo sa pozeraj. (J. Bajánek)

5. It makes me mad, but her lawyers have me over a barrel, which is where she always wanted me. (D. Lodge)

Idem sa z toho zbláznit', ale jej právnič ma dostali do kuta tam, kam ma vždy chcela ma. (H. Herman)

6. And as the sharp sun struck day after day, the leaves of the young corn became less stiff and erect... (J. Steinbeck)

A ked' to ostr slnko pálilo den čo de, mlad listy kukurice zml'andraveli a ovisli... (E. Tvarožek)

7. When he'd suddenly become single again, Ray unloaded the quaint townhouse and moved downtown... (J.Grisham)

Ked' Ray zostal sám, odsahoval sa z malho domčeka do stredu msta ... (A.Redlingerová)

2. Translate the sentences. Find geographically marked words/expressions. Discuss possible mistakes

1. I poured Maurice's sauce into a small bowl, carried everything to the living room, and dined in front of the tube. By 9 p.m. the weekend was still going well. (K. Reichs)

It's best to travel by tube. (LDCE)

2. I dug my pack from the back of the van and fished out my cell phone. (K. Reichs)

3. Despite his large salary, Tankado went to work on an old moped and ate a bag lunch at his desk. (D. Brown)

4. Dick and I do lunch at Moe's, an old restaurant downtown near courthouses where the lawyers and judges like to eat. (J. Grisham)

5. "I'll see you folks in a couple of weeks," I say warmly with a fake smile. (J.Grisham)

6. "What about the rest?" I asked in a low whisper. She jerks backwards, sits erectly and says, "Not a dime. They don't call me, never send gifts or cards. Cut 'em out." (J. Grisham)

7. Sometimes I try to sit outside this thing. Sometimes in restaurants, or at gas stations, hotel lobbies, I watch the other people, watch them watching us... (P. Auster)

8. Five years later, when he returned to St. Thomas, he had been able to take the newly built railroad to Lille, where he had changed to another line whose uncompleted track had taken him much of the way to Dunkirk. (I. Stone)

9. I'd seen it all in the movies, and I knew how it was supposed to look. The regulars downstairs in the piano bar sipping dry martinis. The casino on the second floor with roulette table ... (P. Auster)

10. But Yvonne had terrible bruises on her arms, inflicted by the riot squad when they dragged her to the paddy wagon. (D. Steel)

Translation of neologisms/new words

1. Give the Slovak equivalents for the following neologisms" in italics.

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