Discuss the general principles of translation of names

Tasks and exercises

1. Comment on the following translations. Compare and pay special attention to the words written in italics (proper names, geographical names, names of institutions, etc.)

1. One day, however, just when things were coming to a head, he and Hilary Swallow suddenly flew off to America together and we really didn't know which couple to expect back: Zapp and Hilary, Philip and Hilary, Philip and Mrs Zapp, or both Zapps. (D. Lodge)

No jednho da, práv ke už malo padn rozhodnutie, zrazu odletel do Ameriky spolu s Hilary Swallowovou, a my sme vážn nevedeli, ktorý pár máme očakáva: Zappa a Hilary, Philipa a Hilary, Philipa a pani Zappov, alebo obidvoch Zappovcov. (H. Herman)

2. She wouldn't have cared if he was Jack the Ripper. (S. Sheldon)

Vbec by jej neprekážalo, keby bol aj Jackom Rozparovačom (A. Jurák )

3. The long avenue passed through the land that had become the O'Reilleys' at the card table, when the Gaults of that time had been left with pasture enough only to support a modest herd of Friesians. (W. Trevor)

Dlhá aleja prechádzala pozemkami, ktor pri kartárskom stolku pripadli O 'Reillyovcom. Vtedajšm Gaultovcom ostal iba pasienok, na ktorom chovali nevelk stádo friezskych kráv. (J.Kot)

4. Their wedding, at St. Mary's, Oxford, had gone well; the service was decorous, the reception jolly, the send-off from school and college friends raucous and uplifting. (McEwan)

Ich svadba v kostole Panny Márie v Oxforde prebehla uspokojujco: obrad bol dstojný, oslava veselá, rozlučka so spolužiakmi a priatel'mi brlivá a radostná. (K.Karovičová)

5. But Honey Chandler, known by the most cops and others in the federal courts building as Money Chandler, started at him with killer eyes as she passed. (M. Connelly)

No Dora Chandlerová, známa medzi policajtmi ako Dolára Chandlerová, ho prebodla nenávistným pohadom. (P. Frank)

6. Bulk that's what I call him, because I know he calls me Money. (M. Connelly)

Ten tučniak Belk - mžem mu tak hovori, ve aj on mna volá Dolára. (P. Frank)

7. "Please Castellano", Barney replied, "don't humor me. I was cottage cheese out there." "Speaking of cheese, I hope you'll be joining us for dinner", Palmer offered cordially. (E. Segal)

"Prosm t'a, Castellanka", povedal Barney, "nebu ku mne taká zhovievavá. Bol som dnes na ihrisku ako lekvár. " "Keje reč o jedle, dfam, že sa s nami navečeriaš ", navrhol Palmer primne. (Slobodnk - Chorvátová)

8. Jack made a move towards Piggy who scrambled away till a great rock lay between them. (W. Golding)

Jack sa pohol smerom k Bravčovi, ale ten sa odplazil do bezpečia za vek skalu. (J. Kot)

9. Harry, Ron and Hermine knew otherwise, however, they had come face-to-face with Wormtail only the previous year, though only Professor Dumbledore had believed their story. (J.K. Rowling)

Harry Ron a Hermine však vedia, ie to tak nie je: minulý rok sa s Červochvostom stretli zoči-voči a jediný, kto im veril bol profesor Dumbledore. (O. Kralovičová)

2. Translate the following sentences into Slovak. Pay attention to the words written in italics(different types of names)

1. A policeman was questioning Mrs. Lee. (M. Crichton)

2. "You should see the beautiful antiques and paintings," Florence remarked, "and, Devlin, the Louis XV chandeliers are out of this world. (P. Scanlan)

3. Thus the opening room features an array of despots": Ingres' God-like Napoleon; Goya's unflattering portrait of that unusually cruel Spanish king" Ferdinand VII; Vigilius Eriksen's Catherine the Great. (The Week)

4. The first movement of Shostakovich's Symphony No 5 D Minor, performed by the New York Philharmonics, and conducted by Leonard Bernstein. (The Week)

5. The Death of Ivan Ilych and Other Stories by Leo Tolstoy. (Penguin £4.99) (The Week)

6. I don't know how long I sat in my office, staring at the St Lawrence and ignoring my carton of yogurt. (K. Reichs)

7. A funeral Mass would be celebrated Thursday at 8 A.M. at our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church, followed by burial at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery. (K. Reichs)

8. The Pissarro's were known for their hospitality but his mother was already alarmed by her son's fascination with drawing and looked on Fritz as a dangerous influence. (I. Stone)

9. President Victor Yushchenko of Ukraine has called snap election and declare open war on his prime minister and former "Orange Revolution" ally Yulia Tymoshenko. (The Week)

10. During the recent Georgian crisis, he accused Tymoshenko of acting as Kremlin stooge. (The Week)


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