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Resources and industry

India is also rich in minerals. It has large deposits of coal, iron ore, oil, bauxite (from which aluminium, is extracted), manganese, chromite, mica, gypsum and zinc. Although mining activity has progressed in the last two decades, the country is still not making full use of its rich mineral resources.

Manufacturing industries of all types have developed since India started a series of five-year economic development plans. (...) Factories turn out bicycles, cars, sewing machines, aircraft, textiles, railway engines, ships and heavy machinery. You can find modern electronic factories close by small workshops where weavers work handlooms or potters turn clay pots. India has a rich tradition of crafts.



India is divided into 25 states and seven union territories. Each state has its own elected assembly and government. Every adult can vote to elect a member of the state assembly and one member of the national parliament, the Lok Sabha. The President of the Republic of India is elected by the members of the national parliament and of all state assemblies, and serves a five-year term as the country's head of state. India's parliamentary democracy is based on the British model. The country is governed by a council of ministers headed by a prime minister, who enjoys the support of the majority of the members of parliament. (Oxford Children Encyclopaedia)

Appendix 2: Institutional texts

Instructions for Form 1940NR

U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Form

Line 12 - Scholarship and Fellowship Grants.

If you received a scholarship or fellowship that was granted after August 16, 1986, part of all of it may be taxable even if you didn't receive a W- 2 form.

If you were a degree candidate, the amounts you used for expenses other than tuition and course-related expenses are generally taxable. For example, amounts used for room, board, and travel are generally taxable.

If you were not a degree candidate, the full amount of the scholarship or fellowship is generally taxable. Also amounts received as a scholarship or fellowship that are payment for teaching, research, or other services are taxable even if the services were required to get the grant.

Report the total here and show any nontaxable part on the line 28. Attach a statement that shows: the amount of your grant, the dates it covers, the grantor's name, expenses the grant covers, and the conditions under which it was given to you. Explain how much was taxable, how much was tax exempt, and why.

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