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Read the English text below. Compare the following translation. Discuss the problems and differences

"And I don't think a racehorse can do that?" "Hell, no". She sounded adamant and at his end he grinned. "I guess that's why this one's your baby." "I'll take a look at what you've got tomorrow." "See you then, kid." "Give my love to Mellie, Charlie, and thanks for calling." She hung up and looked around again, and sighed, whispering to herself, "Oh, Tate - why?" Bit by bit she unpacked her suitcase, dusted things off, tidied up, looked around, and tried to convince herself that this was her home. (D. Steel)

"A ty si myslнš, že dostihovй kone sa na to nehodia? " "Nie, do čerta. " V jej hlase zaznмla rozhodnost' a Charlie sa na druhom konci linky usmial. „ Tušнm mi je teraz jasnй, prečo treba tuto zákazku zveriќ tebe. " „Zajtra si pozriem, čo tam máte. " „ Tak sa uvidнme zajtra ". „Srdečne pozdravujem Mellie a пakujem, že si zavolal, Charlie. " Zavмsila, znova sa poobzerala, vzdychla a sama pre seba zašepkala: "Och Tate - prečo?" Kus po kuse si povvbatovala veci z kufr a, poutierala prach, poupratovala, poobzerala sa a pokъšala samщ seba presvedčiќ, že toto je jej domov. (A. Lajdová )

5. Read the titles of the following books and discuss/comment on their translation

1. I. Shaw: Poor Man, Rich Man - Boháč, chudák. (M. Breznický)

2. A. Hailey: Moneychangers - Peniaze. (G. Hanáková)

3. J. Heller: Good as Gold - Gold nad zlato. (D. Janák)

4. C. Hawley: The Hurricane Years - Keпzъri hurikán. (T. Rupeldtová)

5. J. Grisham: The Chamber - Cela smrti. (D. Urbánková)

6. D. Lodge: Changing Places - Profesorská rošáda. (O. Korнnek)

Hostujнcн profesori. (J. Čeтka)

7. D. Francis: Twice shy -Derby. (R. Lesтák)

8. J. D. Salinger: Catcher in the Rye - Kto chytá v žite. (V. Marušiaková)

9. N. Price: Sleeping with Enemy - Noci s nepriateнom. (J. Petrikovičová)

10. A. B. Guthrie: The Way West - Z Missouri do Oregonu. (I. Navrátil)

6. Compare and analyze the following texts/fragments and explain the difference between them.

In 1842, when he was twelve years old and had first crossed the Atlantic on an English freighter to attend school in Passy, outside Paris, he had to travel several days from Bordeaux to Paris by coach. Five years later, when he returned to St. Thomas, he had been able to take the newly built railroad to Lille, where he had changed to another line whose uncompleted track had taken him much of the way to Dunkirk. He had then traveled the rest of the journey in a four-horse carriage to reach the French freighter which would carry him westward to the islands. (I. Stone)

It was then he saw a man come out of the little front office and, after a time, felt a pair of eyes boring into his back. Turning, he found himself face to face with Gustave Courbet, a heavy-set man of about thirty-six, wearing a black suit and blue stripped shirt, with a stout torso but short neck, so that his massive head appeared to launch itself straight out of his broad shoulders. He was a fine-looking man, with bold brooding eyes clearly chiseled features, his cheeks deep hollows in the expanse of face. His black hair was worn abundantly over his ears and bunched thickly behind. (I. Stone)

"Where's Forrest?" she asked.

"He should be here soon."

"How is he?"

"He's Forrest."

"Do you want me to leave?"

"It's up to you."

"I'd rather talk to you, Ray. I need to talk to someone."

"Don't you have friends?"

"No. Reuben was my only friend."



5.1 Phases of translation

Talking points

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