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Exercise 1. a) Translate into your native language:

b) Put questions to underlined words:

1. We were going from the library when we met Andriy.

2. She was taking a bath when you phoned.

3. When I entered the laboratory, the students were finishing their work.

4. We were observing how these salts were dissolving in water.

5. As the patient was suffering from rheumatic endocarditis his pulse became accelerated on physical exertion.

6. The doctor was examining the girl nervously, trying her pulse again and again.

7. The Etruscans (the precursors of the Romans) were burying their dead with appliances used to maintain space and prevent collapse of the dentition during life.

Exercise 2. Put verbs in brackets in a proper tense:

1. The doctor (say) that Tom (be) too sick to go to work and that he (need) to stay at home for a couple of days.

2. I (to see) a light in your window when I (pass).

3. As I was following doctor’s administration, the fever (to subside) 2 days later.

4. The effect of the drug (to appear) half an hour after and (to last) for 5 hours.

5. The doctor (to write) a prescription when a short man (to open) the door and (to ask) for help.

6. He (to loose) consciousness and (to moan) all the time.

7. Andrew (to write) the label when the surgery bell (to ring) and a short man (to enter). A dirty dog (to follow) him.


Exercise 3. Put verbs from brackets in a proper tense and translate them:

1. He knew that I (навчатися) at the Medical University for 2 years.

2. While the surgeon (виконувати) the operation, he (виявляти) the ulcer on the anterior wall of the stomack.

3. While I (слухати) to the radio, the telephone (дзвонить).

4. He (зломати) his leg when he (кататися на лижах) in the Alps.

5. We (бачити) an accident while we (чекати) for the bus.

6. While she (готувати) lunch, she (порізати) her finger.

7. When the dentist (оглянути) the patient he (виявляти) caries in 2 lower left molars and cavity in the upper right cuspid.


Exercise 4. Choose the right variant:

1. The patient’s blood pressure _____________ although doctors _______ their best.

a) Fell b) was falling c) were falling

a) Was doing b) did c) were doing

2. The students __________out the experiment while the lecturer _________ in the register.

a) Carried b) were carrying c) was carrying

b) Filled b) was filling c) were filling

3. The dentist ________ osteoma when he ___________ the patients oral cavity.

a) was determining b) were determined c) determined

a) examined b) were examining c) was examining

4. Tswett _________ how he ___________ the pigments of green leaves.

a) Were publishing b) was publishing c) published

a) Separated b) was separating c)were separating

5. The doctor _____ that the treatment of xerostomia ______ upon the severity of the disease.

a) Was thinking b) thought c) were thinking

a) Was depending b) depended c) were depending

6. Caries progressively _______ down, which finally _________ dental cavities

a) Broke b) was breaking c) were breaking

a) Was producing b) produced c) were producing

7. In 1886 M. F. Gamaliya ________ the first bacteriological station in Odesa where many famous scientists _______ at this station and ______ much in their investigations.

a) Were opening b) was opening c) opened

a) Worked b) was working c) were working

a) Were succeeding b) succeeded c) was succeeding


8. The endocrine system __________necessary hormones that is why a patient _______ still weight.

a) wasn’t producing b) were not producing c) didn’t produce

a) Gained b) was gaining c) were gaining

9. My friend _______ from a severe toothache, I _______him to go to the dentist.

a) Suffered b) was suffering c) were suffering

a) Was advising b) were advising c) advised


Exercise 5. Translate into English:

1. Ми не змогли поговорити з лікарем тому що він оглядав хворих.

2. Він не міг розмовляти – він помирав зі сміху.

3. Рентген підтвердив, що пацієнт страждав на виразку шлунку.

4. Пацієнт приймав ліки від кашлю протягом 2 тижнів, але вони не були ефективними й тому лікар прописав йому інший препарат.

5. Біль у очеревині супроводжувалася нудотою та блюванням, які були результатом отруєння.

6. Він сказав, що приймає ліки від болю протягом 2 місяців, та вони не допомагали, але він дуже боявся пройти обстеження.



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